Opinion: Don’t be ashamed to love Comics

You would imagine, what with the surge of popularity that comic book films are enjoying on the big screen these days, that those who enjoy reading the materials they are adapted from would be proud to be comic geeks (and let me make it clear that the term ‘geek’ is not offensive, and us now embraced by the community as ‘our term’).  After all, has it not become true that the biggest ‘jock’ event (to use some US terminology) of the year, the Superbowl, now sees as much excitement around it due to the showcasing of the latest comic book movies trailers as it does from the sport itself?  So why are some folk still ashamed to admit to having a cupboard full of long – boxes stuffed with poly-bagged comics?dc-comics-universe

I’ve generally encountered two types of folk who fit into this denier category.  There are those who deny any involvement at all, and those who try to add some prestige to the hobby. By this I mean they say things like, “No, I don’t read comics. I read graphic novels!” To me, these folk are worse than the straight out deniers. They want to be accepted as part of the comic community, but also position themselves above all ‘that childish nonsense’ to the outside world. “Oh, the next Avengers film is based upon the Age of Ultron graphic novel!” No it isn’t. Heck, it isn’t even adapted from the comic book event of the same name (they just used the name because it is cool). I genuinely don’t understand those who refuse to accept that their precious graphic novel collection is just a bunch of comics collected into 4 to 8 issue volumes. By reading ‘Kraven’s Last Hunt’ graphic novel format doesn’t make your enjoyment of the story any more prestigious than my reading it when it spun over the three Spidey titles at the time (Web of, Amazing, and Peter Parker the Spectacular). It is the same story, same art, and same experience.

As for the total deniers, now is the time to step out and let people know your love for comics. You will find that you suddenly become a popular person when a new film throws out a tease at the end credits. Your font of knowledge will make you like a deity to those baffled by terms such as cosmic cube, or negative zone. Embrace who you are, the days of mockery are long gone.


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