From the Archives: About Me

Okay, over on Typepad I kept a rather sporadic blog called Just Another Geek (totally stole the idea of the name from Wil Wheaton’s ‘Just A Geek’ book), and it appears that the import function here on WordPress is a tad glitchy, and it refuses to import my backup.  So I decided it would be a good way to add regular content here, by sporadically mixing old ‘archive’ posts with new comments.

Again, I totally stole the idea from Wil Wheaton as he does exactly this quite often on his excellent blog page (over at ).  But anyway, here we are with the first ‘From the Archives’ which was my first ever post on Typepad back in January 2011.

So, recent online activity got me thinking about my own life, and all the elements that led to me being who I am, and where I am. This led to me wanting to start putting down some of the memories and thoughts I have in a journal form. Now, those of you who know me will know that if I did this the traditional way (with paper and quill) then it would be barely decipherable by even the most skillful translators. Thus I chose to utilise a PC, and inevitably fell upon finally writing a more serious blog.

Again, those who know me will have encountered my online persona attempting something similar at various points over the years, and may even wonder why I chose to not use my own domain site. Well, to tackle these two small points:-

Firstly, my blog attempts in the past have usually revolved around either films, gaming, or music, and have each  focused purely on one of them (see my LastFM profile journal for an example). This one will cover anything, and everything, that I feel like writing about. It will, essentially, be a life-blog.

On the second point, I’m not daft. I realise that my site gets about 3 visits per week, and they are from the googlebots. By joining a blog-network, it makes my ramblings and musings more accessible to anyone who cares to read them.

So, back to the matter at hand….

I am a geek! I have a love of silly dice, sci-fi, comic books, movies, gaming, reading, fantasy, and playing with – I mean organising my collection of – collectible figurines (read: Toys). If you don’t like that, well tough. That’s what I am. Now, I am not a nerd. I feel I must make that clear. If you are not sure about the differences betwixt the two, I sum it up with the following:-

A geek wears a Star Trek T-Shirt. A nerd wears a Starfleet Uniform!

Get that? Okay, it’s a generalisation, but it gets the point across.

But, what factors led to me being a geek, and why do I embrace my geekiness so much, and not hide behind a fake shell of masculinity? Well, I am not going to answer those questions directly, but over time this blog will come to enlighten you all, perhaps, into the answers. But it will take time, and we may wander various paths into strange ramblings whilst we journey there. Perhaps the journey will never be completed. Does it matter much, so long as I get a chance to get back to what I used to do a lot of… writing (well, typing to be accurate).

So there you have the starting post from this new blogspace. When will I type again? Soon… that is all I can say.

Now, in the years since that first post, I have made around 60 blog posts.  That equates to just under 3 per month on average.  Not a great deal, but it is usually when something sparks me off over on Facebook or Twitter that I find myself inspired to blog.

I deliberately don’t blog frequently.  Why fill space just for the sake of it?  I’d rather it be infrequent, but insightful.  I even tried one of those ’30 day question challenge’ things to generate some content, and grew bored of it half way through.

If you want to keep up with all things JAG, or maybe follow my film rants and reviews, head to Facebook and ‘Like’ my pages. Just-Another-Geek and filmfileuk